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Restorative Health Programs

Fountain Vitality Restorative Health Programs 

Fountain Vitaity Programs are to help correct imbalances in your body's metabolism that accumulate with stress and aging. Supporting your metabolism in this way can often improve energy and eliminate symptoms that prevent most of us from living a full life. A customized program, based on a detailed history and lab test results often helps restore health and resolve or at least improve cholesterol problems, menopause symptoms, problems with sexual function, migraine headaches, chronic fatigue and more.

Dr. Chene creates individualized programs for many of her patient to provide a comprehensive, systematic approach for each individual to provide a personalized program using bio-identical hormones, vitamins, minerals and specific beneficial herbs to optimize health. When using a restorative program Dr Chene helps the patient obtain extensive lab testing at a significantly reduced cost in order to make it more affordable to most. Follow up intervals can be by telephone consult at times or every 4 month visits and as needed.

To find out how you can obtain a personalized program for optimizing your own health please make an appointment with my office for lab testing and to obtain a history form which you can complete before your appointment.