Worried About Radiation From Mammograms?

Now you can have the best of both worlds- the information that can aid early detection of cancer, with less damage from the radiation involved.  The MammoGuard Pack is a one day pack of supplements to take the morning of your mammogram.  The supplements are in a meaningful amount of high quality natural items that have been shown in the medical literature to reduce the damaging impact to our cells from radiation.  Instead of buying many bottles of supplements, you can just buy a MammoGuard Pack to use that day (or any day that you have a radiologic procedure). 

The ingredients include: N-Acetyl Cysteine,  Vitamin A-E including full spectrum Vitamin E, and ample Vitamin C with a lipospheric delivery that can reach breast tissue better as well as medicinal mushrooms scientifically validated for better outcomes after radiation, C0Q10 (the better absorbed Q form), pure theoctic acid and other items.  There are only 8 tablets and one packet to take and I recommend using this with a cup of green tea in the am since multi factors in green tea can help as well (avoid green tea if you have problems with rapid heart beat). If you wish to purchase a MammoGuard Pack for yourself or for your best friends or other people you love you can just call my office at 830-896-8090 and we can send it out to you.  The cost is $9 per packet (add additional $3 per packet if mailed). A mammopack is also useful for x-rays and CT scans which involve significantly higher amounts of radiation than mammograms.

Also don't forget to have the technician give you a thyroid shield (leaded apron that can cover the front middle of your neck) during the mammogram.  Ask your dentist to shield your thyroid as wel if s/he see's something specific in your mouth that suggests the need for x-ray (routine x-rays are not recommended).

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